What is KlothOS?

KlothOS is a web operating system (webOS) aimed at online content management and collaboration.


  • The login screen
  • .phonoJS chat widget, Google Analytics widget, News Widget, Weather Widget
  • The start menu with some applications
  • Tag manager, Google Analytics, internal web browser
  • License manager, Control panel
  • The realtime search
  • Content management
  • Newsletter application
  • KlothOS Designer in action!
  • Adding a Cloudware Device
  • The processingJS editor
  • Task Scheduler, Database Merge
  • The Picture Wizard
  • The Window Manager
  • File Manager and uploader
  • Terminal and Source Code Editor

Main features

  • A task scheduler
  • A window-based GUI
  • A set of API, for fast application/widget deployment
  • Role-based user management
  • Internal realtime search engine
  • Semantical tagging system
  • Native multilanguage support
  • CloudWare, a set of tools aimed at connecting real world devices (including sensors and actuators) to KlothOS, with configurable encryption and signature algorithms.
  • A set of ready-to-use applications, including:
    • KlothOS Designer, a visual tool which will help you designing/mantaining your own CMS with just a few clicks
    • Terminal Emulator (with a growing list of supported unix commands)
    • Source code editor with synthax highlighting support (based upon codemirror)
    • KlothOS AppBrowser, to download and install new apps and widgets
    • Google Analytics frontend
    • Newsletter Management
    • Web Browser with proxy option
    • Picture manager
    • Audio/video player
    • File manager
    • ProcessingJS IDE
    • KlothOS Updater
    • Backup manager
  • A set of ready-to use widgets, including:
    • Google Analytics widget
    • A chat application (based upon .phonoJS library) with audio calls support
    • A rss news ticker widget
    • A weather widget
  • Google Cloud Print support

Which technologies have been used?

KlothOS is written mostly in php and javascript (jQuery). A lot of KlothOS core functions and components are based upon open source libaries, such as: jQuery, jQueryUI, CKEdit, plupload, jquery.goMap, jquery.validate, jEditable, jQuery.datatables, and so on. A full list of external libraries will be available soon.

In which languages will it be available?

The first public release will support english and italian languages.

What are the requirements?

KlothOS requires a web server running PHP and MySQL. So far, KlothOS has been successfully tested on several web providers, such as Register.it, Aruba, Dreamhost.

How can I get it?

KlothOS is still in pre-alpha phase, a (growing!) number of websites are already using the current version, but the first public-available release is yet to be scheduled.

Will it be available for download?

Sure, just be patient :)

Who is involved?

So far, KlothOS has been developped by a HUGE team of... ehm... one developer.
His name is Vincenzo Pacella and he's been working on it in the last four years as a "side-project", since his main job has nothing to do with web development.

KlothOS on Facebook!

The KlothOS facebook page